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Rodeo Tech™ Bull Riding Vest
Fitting and Size Information

Model Size Chest Measurement Vest Back Length
RT1000S Small 34-38″ 18″
RT1000M Medium 38-42″ 19″
RT1000L Large 42-46″ 19″
RT1000ST Small Tall 34-38″ 20″
RT1000MT Medium Tall 38-42″ 21″
RT1000LT Large Tall 42-46″ 21″

Warning: Use this product at your own risk and only for equestrian activities.

Equestrian activities are dangerous. No protective product can prevent bodily injuries, whether minor or severe. Impacts may exceed the capacity of this product and spinal or crushing injuries, paralysis, or death, may result. Wearing this product will not prevent injuries from severe torsion, flexion, and/or extension of the body. This product must be sized and fitted properly so that it maintains a secure position. Refer to the Owner’s Manual for sizing and fitting adjustments. Before and after each use, this product should be inspected for any defects or signs of damage and that all components are functioning properly. If this product is damaged, or its condition is in doubt, discontinue use. The manufacturer and/or reseller do not warrant this product, expressed or implied, against any injury. Any warranties or manufacturer responsibilities implied or otherwise expressed, including warranties of merchantabilites or fitness for any particular use are specifically excluded and disclaimed by the seller manufacturer.